CSG Holds Leading Group Meeting on Energy Conservation & Ecological Environment Protection 2020

信息來源:CSG  發布時間2020-03-27

Guangzhou - China Southern Power Grid senior managers recently held the Leading Group Meeting on Energy Conservation and Ecological Environment Protection 2020, which considered matters related to energy conservation and ecological environment protection of the Company.

During the meeting, Chen Yunpeng, Vice President of CSG, said, “in Year 2019, under the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Ecological Civilization, the Company's goal of clean energy consumption has been fully realized … which effectively prevented the risk of ecological environment pollution. By realizing synchronous line loss management, lean management of line loss also saw breakthroughs. Comprehensive energy services have led to significant achievements in energy conservation and environment protection.”

Mr. Chen said, “based on the Company’s accurate grasp of the new situation facing energy conservation and ecological environment protection and a clear understanding of the existing problems at work, CSG would strictly follow the deployment of the work conference at the beginning of the year held by the CPC Central Committee and the Company.”

He added, “Company plans will include complete ecological environment protection during Year 2020 and put forward relevant requirements for improving the Company's ecological environment protection governance, ecological environmental risk management, promoting clean energy consumption, improving line loss lean management and increasing electric power alternation.”

Key Achievements During Year 2019

1.Average line loss rate of the overall network was 5.80%, a decrease of 0.51 percent point on a year-on-year basis.

2.Comprehensive energy consumption per ten thousand RMB output value decreased by 8.2%.

3.Utilization rate of renewable energy stands at 99.61%, an increase of 3.6 percentage points over the same period last year.

4.Electricity saved on the demand side totaled 3.051 TWh and 671,000 kW.

5.Electricity generated by non-fossil fuels accounted for 52.9% of primary energy use, an increase of 1.4 percentage point from the same period last year.

6.A total of 4,524 electric power alternative projects have been implemented, and 26.3 TWh of electricity has been alternated, a year-on-year increase of 17.4%.

7.Carbon dioxide emissions fell by 0.95% compared with the same period last year.

8.226.5 TWh of power was transmitted from the west to east in 2019, reaching a record high.

Leading Year 2020 Goals

1.Promote the consumption of clean energy and complete the national three-year action plan for clean energy consumption.

2.Improve ecological and environmental protection activities to prevent major environmental pollution liability incidents.

3.Optimize synchronous line loss management to achieve a comprehensive line loss rate reduction of more than 0.1 percentage point year-on-year.

4.Continue to improve comprehensive energy services and the national shore power supply construction, and

5.Carry out research on energy conservation and ecological environment protection planning during the 14th Five-Year Plan which will serve as a model for renewable “green” energy development.

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